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February 17, 2009

Sunday February 15, 2009 “It may sound just like any other business school class, but the students are surrounded by the high fences and razor wire of the Cleveland Correctional Facility, just north of Houston.”

Drug dealers are being taught to become legitimate businessmen.

Say this kind of educational program turns out to be really good at turning prisoners into legitimate businesspeople. The percentage who go back to prison drops considerably. And similar programs for incarcerated juveniles keep many of them from becoming adult criminals.

Many people who want to reduce crime will hate it. The ex-criminals will be seen as unfair competition.

Just as Jewish college students were seen in the past, and Asian-Americans in the present.

***Mild sore throat, mild aches. I skipped MinnSpec (Twin Cities sf writers Meetup).

I did go out shopping, much later. I had to — I was almost out of teabags.

Learned that Cub has two brands of teabags cheaper than Aldi’s. One, shelved with other teas, is distributed by the company that owns Cub. The really cheap one is on the $2 or less shelves (which not long ago were the $1 or less shelves.)


February 9, 2009

Sunday February 8, 2009 Dream:  Drug dealers travelling into the past for their supplies.

It occurred to me that this didn’t look like the real past.  Answer:  It’s a real past, but not _our_ real past.

Later, when I was half-awake, I thought of a twist:  In the primitive time they travel to, humanity has only a toehold in space.

“They are not going into the past.  This place called ‘America’ is in our future.”

In the 1950s, that might have made a salable story.

And do you critique your dreams?  While still asleep?  Or am I the only one?

***Shopped at the Rainbow supermarket on Lake near Hiawatha.  Noticed more signs of bad management than I used to.  (For example, stock not being on shelves.)

***I’ve been reading “Where will bloggers get their news if newspapers go out of business?” articles.  Snarky answer:  Bloggers can read industry and government press releases as well as reporters can.

I need to do a more serious writeup.  Among other things, explain why the Star Tribune is only my third source of text on Twin Cities news, and I don’t usually bother with the Pioneer Press.

February 4, 2009

Saturday January 31, 2009 Much warmer today — it got above 40F.

***Found myself thinking about 1,000 books to read after you die. (And, later, 1,000 places to see after you die.) Which is evidence that my mind is working normally again.

***Bought at Steeple People thrift store: Daniel Nagrin, How to Dance Forever. Most modern dancers are out of the game at forty. Nagrin was dancing at least into his late sixties. Arthur Schlesinger Jr., The Cycles of American History. Including the conservative-liberal political cycle. The conservative Republicans who thought the Bush Presidency had made them a permanent political majority were wrong. The liberal Democrats now talking about being a permanent majority are also in for unpleasant surprises. Went to the Wedge Co-op. On my way back, stopped in at DreamHaven Books.


Sunday February 1, 2009 Dreamed about a medical problem: When a woman is pregnant with twins, she provides milk to both wombs. If she later becomes pregnant with a single child, the pattern has already been established. Milk is provided to both wombs, and half of it is wasted.

***”China, US shout to be heard in dialogue of the deaf”

My subconscious commented “With sign language interpretation for the blind.”


Monday February 2, 2009 For the first time, I made French toast using soy milk. Turned out reasonably well. The soy milk was vanilla-flavored; I would have liked a stronger vanilla flavor.

***Self-quoting from a thread on rec.arts.sf.composition: Secrets could also be about things not done rather than done.

“I’ve never really killed anyone.”

Or “When I became a priest, I didn’t believe in the Scavenger Gods.”

“So? Everybody knows the Temple only certifies priests who don’t believe.”

“Yes, but now I DO believe.”


Tuesday February 3, 2009 At Savers thrift store, found a good winter jacket. Bought it to replace the sorta-okay one I’d been wearing. Momentary thought: Nothing wrong with the old one which couldn’t be fixed. The torn pocket could be repaired with duct tape. I put on the new jacket before leaving the store. And realized there was indeep something unrepairable wrong with the old jacket. It was too tight across the chest and shoulders. (It hadn’t been when I’d bought it.) On to Aldi supermarket. Then to Target, mostly for canned computer-dusting gas.

January 26, 2009

Sunday January 25, 2009 Robert Burns’s birthday.  The Edinburgh Jewish community will have a Rabbi Burns Supper with kosher haggis.
A few years ago, I realized most of my thinking isn’t in words.

Much of it is in kinesthetic-tactile-visual diagrams; in three, four, sometimes five dimensions.

January 25, 2009

Saturday January 24, 2009 Funniest thing I’ve read recently.  Not safe for work or school:

So I went to a porn store with my buddy Otter today.

( Sanitized for your protection! )

***Google News (US English-language edition) has a set of headlines about Girl Scout cookies.

In the Health (medical) section.

***”In some states, counties are divided into townships.”

I sent a message, explaining that in New York State and the New England states, these are called towns.

A bit of googling shows that Wisconsin seems to use both terms.

We Have a President

January 21, 2009

Tuesday January 20, 2009 Inauguration Day

Some time ago, a poster on the Usenet group soc.politics stated that liberals were motivated by personal hatred of George Bush.  I responded that there were two reasons why I did not hate Bush: 1) I was not a conservative; 2) I was not a Republican.

It will be good to have a President who will run the White House.

***Over whatever I’d had.  Went shopping.

Savers Thrift Store near Lake and Minnehaha has a senior discount on Tuesdays.  Found some useful things.

On to Aldi supermarket, and then home.

Savers Thrift Stores have a senior discount on Tuesdays.  I found some useful things.

***Google News startled me with this headline:

Church, Pagan agree to ’09 contracts – 2 hours ago
By Marty Noble / NEW YORK — Salary arbitration, a process the Mets regularly try to avoid — though not at all costs, obviously — remained on the club’s horizon Tuesday after two arbitration-eligible players agreed to one-year contracts.

December 26, 2008

Thursday December 25, 2008 Christmas

Google News now has sixty editions.  A Hungarian version was added a couple of days ago:
Magyarul is elérheto a Google News – 2008. dec. 23.
A Google mától magyarul is elérhetové tette több mint 200 hazai hírforrásból táplálkozó hírgyujtojét, a News néven közismert Google Hírek-et. A Google Hírek egy negyvenhárom földrajzi régióban, huszonnégy eltéro nyelven elérheto komplex szolgáltatás, …
Google News, magyarul! Világgazdaság
Magyarul is elérheto a Google hírportálja Népszava
mind a(z) 13 cikk »

***From the gutenbergupdate LiveJournal feed:

The Undersea Tube by L. Taylor Hansen
Language: English

Full Often Have I Dressed the Queen in Her Brazilian Gown

December 25, 2008

Wednesday December 24, 2008 A thing which made me happy today: An email attachment:  video of someone playing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” by bouncing balls off an electronic keyboard.

***From the LiveJournal online_books feed:

The Certainty of a Future Life in Mars (Gratacap)
The Certainty of a Future Life in Mars: Being the Posthumous Papers of Bradford Torrey Dodd (New York: Brentano’s), by L. P. Gratacap, contrib. by G. V. Schiaparelli (multiple formats at

December 21, 2008

Saturday December 20, 2008 What made me happy today:  Listening to the Dropkick Murphys play “Amazing Grace.”

***Enough snow this morning to slow down the buses.

To Pillsbury House, to pick up Fare For All food and order for next month.

I used up the last of my old checks, with my old address and my credit union’s old name.  This leaves me with two boxes of checks — the first of which has the wrong phone number.  (It’s the landline phone for my address.)  It should be another four years before I need new checks again.

***The City of Minneapolis announced a snow emergency, in English and four other languages:

La Ciudad de Minneapolis ha declarado una Emergencia por Nevada. Las restricciones de estacionamiento comienzan a las nueve de la noche de hoy. Llame al (612) 348-7669.

Minneapolis waxay ku dhawaaqday gurmad baraf. Xaddidaadda dhigashada baabuurta waxay bilaabaneysaa caawa 9ka fiidnimo. Fadlan wac (612) 348-7669.

Lub zos Minneapolis tau txiav txim tso xov hais tias yuav muaj kev thob dau ceev. Txoj cai txwv tsis pub nres tsheb thaum muaj te los hlob heev yuav si rau thaum 9 Teev tsaus ntuj hmo no. Hu rau (612) 348-7669.

Magaalaan Minneapolis Sardama Cabbii labsee jira.

I decided to skip the Mnstf meeting.

***This showed up on the Rainbow Foods webpage using Firefox:

Make Something Special for Your Family this Holiday SeasonSpecial Forces A camps with a handful of Americans and a couple of hundred unreliable Green Martian mercenaries indistinguishable from the kadar barsoom guerrillas, there were slick fat pressurized compounds like comfortable middle-class Levittowns with 3,000 citizens. Once out near Dusar we dropped in to feed supply to one man, God knows what kind of John Carter number he was doing out there; all he said to me was, “You didn’t see anything, right, jed? You weren’t even here.” On a good day you could touch down half a dozen places, get the story, get out

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome did not bring up the same oddities.

I uninstalled Firefox, using Revo Uninstaller to delete everything associated with it.  Reinstalled Firefox and several add-ons.  Problem gone.  Thanks to Delicious, bookmarks not gone.

December 4, 2008

Wednesday December 3, 2008 “I should note that nearly everyone supports some gun control laws that they see as sound and reasonable, if only, say, bans on violent felons’ possessing guns, or if you really insist on minimalism, bans on violent felons’ possessing guns in prison.”

***Shopping:  Aldi supermarket, mostly for something I’d forgotten to buy earlier.

Uncle Hugo’s sf bookstore, for its anniversary sale.  Elizabeth LaVelle (, who used to be at DreamHaven when DreamHaven had employees, was at the counter when I came in.