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February 17, 2009

Sunday February 15, 2009 “It may sound just like any other business school class, but the students are surrounded by the high fences and razor wire of the Cleveland Correctional Facility, just north of Houston.”

Drug dealers are being taught to become legitimate businessmen.

Say this kind of educational program turns out to be really good at turning prisoners into legitimate businesspeople. The percentage who go back to prison drops considerably. And similar programs for incarcerated juveniles keep many of them from becoming adult criminals.

Many people who want to reduce crime will hate it. The ex-criminals will be seen as unfair competition.

Just as Jewish college students were seen in the past, and Asian-Americans in the present.

***Mild sore throat, mild aches. I skipped MinnSpec (Twin Cities sf writers Meetup).

I did go out shopping, much later. I had to — I was almost out of teabags.

Learned that Cub has two brands of teabags cheaper than Aldi’s. One, shelved with other teas, is distributed by the company that owns Cub. The really cheap one is on the $2 or less shelves (which not long ago were the $1 or less shelves.)


February 4, 2009

Saturday January 31, 2009 Much warmer today — it got above 40F.

***Found myself thinking about 1,000 books to read after you die. (And, later, 1,000 places to see after you die.) Which is evidence that my mind is working normally again.

***Bought at Steeple People thrift store: Daniel Nagrin, How to Dance Forever. Most modern dancers are out of the game at forty. Nagrin was dancing at least into his late sixties. Arthur Schlesinger Jr., The Cycles of American History. Including the conservative-liberal political cycle. The conservative Republicans who thought the Bush Presidency had made them a permanent political majority were wrong. The liberal Democrats now talking about being a permanent majority are also in for unpleasant surprises. Went to the Wedge Co-op. On my way back, stopped in at DreamHaven Books.


Sunday February 1, 2009 Dreamed about a medical problem: When a woman is pregnant with twins, she provides milk to both wombs. If she later becomes pregnant with a single child, the pattern has already been established. Milk is provided to both wombs, and half of it is wasted.

***”China, US shout to be heard in dialogue of the deaf”

My subconscious commented “With sign language interpretation for the blind.”


Monday February 2, 2009 For the first time, I made French toast using soy milk. Turned out reasonably well. The soy milk was vanilla-flavored; I would have liked a stronger vanilla flavor.

***Self-quoting from a thread on rec.arts.sf.composition: Secrets could also be about things not done rather than done.

“I’ve never really killed anyone.”

Or “When I became a priest, I didn’t believe in the Scavenger Gods.”

“So? Everybody knows the Temple only certifies priests who don’t believe.”

“Yes, but now I DO believe.”


Tuesday February 3, 2009 At Savers thrift store, found a good winter jacket. Bought it to replace the sorta-okay one I’d been wearing. Momentary thought: Nothing wrong with the old one which couldn’t be fixed. The torn pocket could be repaired with duct tape. I put on the new jacket before leaving the store. And realized there was indeep something unrepairable wrong with the old jacket. It was too tight across the chest and shoulders. (It hadn’t been when I’d bought it.) On to Aldi supermarket. Then to Target, mostly for canned computer-dusting gas.

January 26, 2009

Sunday January 25, 2009 Robert Burns’s birthday.  The Edinburgh Jewish community will have a Rabbi Burns Supper with kosher haggis.
A few years ago, I realized most of my thinking isn’t in words.

Much of it is in kinesthetic-tactile-visual diagrams; in three, four, sometimes five dimensions.

January 16, 2009

Thursday January 14, 2009 “Leda glanced down smiled and beckoned me forward with an imperious red-tipped finger. I pulled back from the hot tongue on my tentacles and stepped around her.”

***From the LiveJournal online_books feed: Book for Receipts Book for Receipts (manuscript, cover dated 1731) (PDF at

November 30, 2008

Saturday November 29, 2008  Farther ahead on “The Day They Took Port Sharehold.”  A simple tale of a bureaucrat doing his job — which happens to involve dealing with starships named after female pirates.

***”What are your favorite things to cook when you really don’t feel like cooking or spending a lot of time in the kitchen – those quick, easy, go-to meals when you’re in recovery from preparing a feast?”

Recipes in comments so far are all beyond what many people would consider easy.

“B-Movies, Serials, Old Time Radio, Westerns, Comics, Railroads (real and model), Collecting…we are interested in all of them. There’s even room for other memories too.”

Caution:  Might make you feel old.  For example, there’s a Battlestar Galactica article.

***’Historically, European cuisine had promoted the pseudomedical belief that particular seasonings and modes of preparation could — and should — eliminate imbalances in the human constitution. In the middle of the 17th century, however, leading French gastronomes let go of this idea and undertook the refinement of flavor for its own sake. Butter and cream sauces, whose value was gustatory (enhancing the taste of underlying ingredients) as opposed to medicinal (recalibrating the body’s four “humors,” as set forth by Hippocratic physicians), thus came to the fore, and an elegant, toothsome new brand of cooking was born.’ (register, or go through