We Have a President

Tuesday January 20, 2009 Inauguration Day

Some time ago, a poster on the Usenet group soc.politics stated that liberals were motivated by personal hatred of George Bush.  I responded that there were two reasons why I did not hate Bush: 1) I was not a conservative; 2) I was not a Republican.

It will be good to have a President who will run the White House.

***Over whatever I’d had.  Went shopping.

Savers Thrift Store near Lake and Minnehaha has a senior discount on Tuesdays.  Found some useful things.

On to Aldi supermarket, and then home.

Savers Thrift Stores have a senior discount on Tuesdays.  I found some useful things.

***Google News startled me with this headline:

Church, Pagan agree to ’09 contracts
MLB.com – 2 hours ago
By Marty Noble / MLB.com NEW YORK — Salary arbitration, a process the Mets regularly try to avoid — though not at all costs, obviously — remained on the club’s horizon Tuesday after two arbitration-eligible players agreed to one-year contracts.


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