Monday January 12, 2009 Snow, snow, and more snow.  There were fewer vehicles on the streets than usual, and they moved more carefully.

The Twin Cities Metro deals easily with weather that would close down Washington DC.  The airport isn’t closed for weather as often as Chicago’s is — and it’s not because Chicago has worse weather.  This was bad weather.

Off to HealthPartners West for my annual checkup.  I took buses, so I missed out on the fun of driving.

One thing in my medical history needed correction:  My hearing aid is for my left ear.  The right one has never worked well.

I got the checkup, a flu shot, and renewed prescriptions.

And when I was done, I had the fun of trying to remember where to catch the return bus.

And then someone offered me a ride.  Not just into Minneapolis, but all the way home.

It turned out that he knew my neighborhood fairly well; his brother and sister-in-law lived there, and he’d seen me around there.

***Tried the artichoke-garlic sausage.  It had enough garlic that I couldn’t detect any artichoke taste.

***Recommended reading — about fencing, writing, and living:
Life as play


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