Saturday December 20, 2008 What made me happy today:  Listening to the Dropkick Murphys play “Amazing Grace.”

***Enough snow this morning to slow down the buses.

To Pillsbury House, to pick up Fare For All food and order for next month.

I used up the last of my old checks, with my old address and my credit union’s old name.  This leaves me with two boxes of checks — the first of which has the wrong phone number.  (It’s the landline phone for my address.)  It should be another four years before I need new checks again.

***The City of Minneapolis announced a snow emergency, in English and four other languages:

La Ciudad de Minneapolis ha declarado una Emergencia por Nevada. Las restricciones de estacionamiento comienzan a las nueve de la noche de hoy. Llame al (612) 348-7669.

Minneapolis waxay ku dhawaaqday gurmad baraf. Xaddidaadda dhigashada baabuurta waxay bilaabaneysaa caawa 9ka fiidnimo. Fadlan wac (612) 348-7669.

Lub zos Minneapolis tau txiav txim tso xov hais tias yuav muaj kev thob dau ceev. Txoj cai txwv tsis pub nres tsheb thaum muaj te los hlob heev yuav si rau thaum 9 Teev tsaus ntuj hmo no. Hu rau (612) 348-7669.

Magaalaan Minneapolis Sardama Cabbii labsee jira.

I decided to skip the Mnstf meeting.

***This showed up on the Rainbow Foods webpage using Firefox:

Make Something Special for Your Family this Holiday SeasonSpecial Forces A camps with a handful of Americans and a couple of hundred unreliable Green Martian mercenaries indistinguishable from the kadar barsoom guerrillas, there were slick fat pressurized compounds like comfortable middle-class Levittowns with 3,000 citizens. Once out near Dusar we dropped in to feed supply to one man, God knows what kind of John Carter number he was doing out there; all he said to me was, “You didn’t see anything, right, jed? You weren’t even here.” On a good day you could touch down half a dozen places, get the story, get out

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome did not bring up the same oddities.

I uninstalled Firefox, using Revo Uninstaller to delete everything associated with it.  Reinstalled Firefox and several add-ons.  Problem gone.  Thanks to Delicious, bookmarks not gone.


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