Monday December 8, 2008 I’d been using up my old checks, which had my former address and phone number. I’d been crossing that out and writing the current information on my checks as I used them.

Last week, I ordered new checks with the new information. After I used the last two old checks, I would no longer have to cross out the old and write in the new.

The new checks arrived today — with the wrong phone number. Someone had gone to a bit of trouble to get it wrong; it was my housemate’s landline number.

I called my credit union, and it should get taken care of.

If the newer checks also have the same problem, I’ll go to the Minneapolis branch. Say that I feel like screaming, but I will refrain. And ask that something be done to STOP ANYONE AT THE CHECK PRINTING COMPANY FROM “CORRECTING” MY PHONE NUMBER, and ensure that the one I’ve given has been printed on the checks.

***Also in the mail: Xenofilkia #122.

Mention of the Richter Scale sparked:

Let me tell you the story of a dragon named Richter,
On a tragic and fateful day….



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