Saturday November 29, 2008  Farther ahead on “The Day They Took Port Sharehold.”  A simple tale of a bureaucrat doing his job — which happens to involve dealing with starships named after female pirates.

***”What are your favorite things to cook when you really don’t feel like cooking or spending a lot of time in the kitchen – those quick, easy, go-to meals when you’re in recovery from preparing a feast?”

Recipes in comments so far are all beyond what many people would consider easy.

“B-Movies, Serials, Old Time Radio, Westerns, Comics, Railroads (real and model), Collecting…we are interested in all of them. There’s even room for other memories too.”

Caution:  Might make you feel old.  For example, there’s a Battlestar Galactica article.

***’Historically, European cuisine had promoted the pseudomedical belief that particular seasonings and modes of preparation could — and should — eliminate imbalances in the human constitution. In the middle of the 17th century, however, leading French gastronomes let go of this idea and undertook the refinement of flavor for its own sake. Butter and cream sauces, whose value was gustatory (enhancing the taste of underlying ingredients) as opposed to medicinal (recalibrating the body’s four “humors,” as set forth by Hippocratic physicians), thus came to the fore, and an elegant, toothsome new brand of cooking was born.’ (register, or go through


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