Monday November 24, 2008  The St. Paul Pioneer Press is offering unpaid leaves of absence to all employees.  This might affect me more if the Pioneer Press considered Minneapolis to be part of its area.

*** 2008-11-23
This might be Interesting — I’ve never heard of using anything but bread and cheese in grilled-cheese sandwiches (with the possible exception of a bit of butter or oil on the grill if “grill” is defined as a heated solid plane surface).

Personally, I’m fond of toasted cheese sandwiches, which differ from grilled in that what’s to become the interior sides of the bread are toasted on the grill (which is, for me, ideally a cast-iron skillet) before construction is begun. And, if no really sharp Cheddar is available, I’ll often shred some mild (or Swiss, or Jack) and add a sprinkling of shredded Blue, Stilton, or Gorgonzola.

I gather, by the way, that there’s difference between Vegetarian cheese (much like real cheese except not made with rennet) and Vegan cheese (generally a processed tofu, with no milk solids). The latter, in my experience, simply does not melt, even at temperatures up to the point of carbonization. And even though it’s a not-unpalatable food, I find it most enjoyable if I can avoid thinking of the word “cheese” when eating it.

dsgood 2008-11-24
For good cheese, I add basil.

For mediocre cheese, I use ketchup and onion.

Or, for either, I might use apple slices.

dsgood 2008-11-24
Like vegetarian cheese, kosher cheese is made without rennet. 2008-11-24
I, personally, only use cheese — a sharp cheddar is my favorite — and butter for the fry pan.

It will be interesting to see if the vegan cheese (which I think is a soy product) melts.

dsgood 2008-11-24
Most vegetarian cheeses are made of soy, I’m fairly sure. There are ones made of rice — useful to vegans who are allergic to soy. And some made from hemp. 2008-11-24
I like bacon or ham in grilled cheese sandwiches.


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