Sunday November 23, 2008  “There’s a footnote in UK/EU folklore that the Otherfolk can’t stand tobacco smoke, and I guess that might go under the list of ‘near-universal’, since that protocol shows up in many cultures.”

So — now we know who’s really behind anti-smoking laws! 2008-11-23
>I wonder if there’s a website with recipes for
>odd things from food shelves?

I have a book called the “Cooking Collectarium,” which is an alphabetical list of strange edible things with one or two recipes for each one. I don’t know if there’s such a website, but I’ll bet if you google the name of whatever it is, someone, out there somewhere, has posted a recipe for it.

dsgood 2008-11-23
Thanks. I’ve looked, and this does seem to be generally true of ingredients. Some prepared foods are another matter, when the packaging doesn’t have cooking instructions. 2008-11-23
I have some actual vegan cheese in my fridge, awaiting the arrival of my vegan daughter.

I plan to see what it’s like grilled.

dsgood 2008-11-23
What do you use besides the cheese in grilled cheese sandwiches?


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