Monday November 10, 2008  Thanks to Keith F. Lynch on rec.arts.sf.fandom for the first one:

“When Galileo discovered in the 17th century that Jupiter possessed four moons, the great mathematician and physicist Christian Huygens applied his reasoning power to the question of ‘Why four instead of one?’ He asked himself, ‘What is the purpose of a moon?’ Well, the ‘purpose’ of earth’s moon was to help sailors navigate. If a planet has four moons it must therefore have a lot of sailors. Sailors mean boats. Boats mean sails. And sails mean ropes. Ropes are made of hemp. Therefore, it is obvious that Jupiter must have many hemp-producing plants.”
Evidence vs. nonsense: a guide to the scientific method
FDA Consumer, June, 1985 by Tim Larkin
“Dr. Crespi and Dr. Badcock propose that an evolutionary tug of war between genes from the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg can, in effect, tip brain development in one of two ways. A strong bias toward the father pushes a developing brain along the autistic spectrum, toward a fascination with objects, patterns, mechanical systems, at the expense of social development. A bias toward the mother moves the growing brain along what the researchers call the psychotic spectrum, toward hypersensitivity to mood, their own and others’. This, according to the theory, increases a child’s risk of developing schizophrenia later on, as well as mood problems like bipolar disorder and depression.”


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