Friday October 7, 2008  “This month we’ve picked you for the chance to receive a $500 Victoria’s Secret™ Gift Card so you can heat things up this holiday season. (Participation required. See below for details.)”
“What a fascinating exercise in imagination is Victor Godinez’ speculation about the nation’s next Chief Technology Officer for the Dallas Morning News:

‘Or, if you want to cast an even wider net, consider serious science fiction writers like John Scalzi, Orson   Scott Card or Jerry Pournelle, guys who think big, know how to communicate and are beholden to no one.’

“Why not pick all three? Then help balance the Federal budget by selling Vince McMahon the rights to broadcast their meetings?”

Pournelle would have been a better fit for a McCain Administration.  Card might have been too far right for McCain.

A bit more from that article:  “If Arthur C. Clarke were still alive, he’d probably get the post by popular acclamation….”  Clarke was British-born and lived in Sri Lanka.

***Wet snow when I went out.

To Waite House, for Fare For All Express.

Next door to Waite House, a flock of small birds in a yard, pecking for food.  Most of the flock took off.  After a while, the laggards realized what was happening and followed them.

Less than a minute later, they came back.

Fare For All Express has two advantages over the original Fare For All:  1) You get your food right away, rather than paying for next month’s distribution and waiting; 2) You can see what you’re getting first.

All the meats in the Regular pack were ones I wanted, and I had a $5 off coupon for that pack.

There was one thing in the pack I didn’t want:  a head of lettuce.  I gave it away to someone who was waiting in line.
From the online_books LiveJournal feed:
Hopi Nation: Essays on Indigenous Art, Culture, History, and Law (2008), ed. by Edna Glenn, John R. Wunder, Willard H. Rollings, and C. L. Martin (PDF files at
Theory:  language arose from synesthesia.


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