Saturday October 25, 2008 My night mind had worked out some background for “The Brain of Any Tree.”  The small detail of how a planet could have trees with brains and Earth-compatible (we can eat them, they can eat us) life was left to me.

Possibilities:  1) Cross-time:  this is an alternate version of Earth.  2) A spacefaring civilization arose on Earth at least a few hundred thousand years ago, and terraformed at least one planet before collapsing.  The evidence of its existence has been explained as natural phenomena.  3) It’s the far future.  Which is what I’ll probably go with.

So far, I have the title and some background.  I won’t have a story till I get at least one character (rather than character role.)

***Department of Redundancy Department:  United Fascist Union:  Found through, which tries to list every US political party with at least one member.  (Including one suspected of being a hoax:  the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party.)

Back to the United Fascist Union:  “Fascism is the one economic theory that has been proven time after time.  It can raise the standard-of-living and improve the quality of life for all citizens fortunate enough to live in a Fascist Country.”  The thinkers they acknowledge as intellectual ancestors are Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussein.

***Gail Collins:

“Let’s be realistic. There are lots of calls for reform, but we have a country in economic meltdown. The globe is warming, the Middle East is in chaos and “Mad Men” keeps teetering on the brink of cancellation. We’re not going to get around to repairing the Electoral College any time in the near future.

“I have given this a lot of thought, and I think our best immediate course of action is to whine a lot.”


2 Responses to “”

  1. Heather Goldsmith Says:

    To the Editor:

    Of course Mr. Grimes takes himself very seriously, the United Fascist Union was never intended to be a jest. This is no joke, in a country like this, with the government crashing planes into tall buildings as phony terrorist attacks, then invading countries, like Iraq to steal their oil. What is there to laugh about in these black days?

    I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with you people, making fun of our United Fascist Union, in a dismal world like this. I think a Civil War is coming, I don’t see how it can not now that the puppet masters installed this RED @ssh0le Barak Obama as a little tin god over our land.

    Jackson Grimes has left the country as he sees no point in continuing the United Fascist Union now that both his idols Benito Mussolini and Saddam Hussien are dead and he’s lost the Presidency thrice over.

    If a Civil War is coming I believe Jackson Grimes is the only man who can get us through it and save our country from both anarchist riots and tyranny under this p.o.s Obama. Don’t you think the REDS will use this narcissistic, 0reo cookie, half-breed, mafia maggot Obama to infame racism and stir the masses to Civil War?

    Hail Grimes!

    Heather Goldsmith
    Minister of Propaganda & Enlightenment
    for the United Fascist Union

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  2. Fbgvzyrg Says:

    K9CBhx comment4 ,

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