Wednesday October 14, 2008  I’ve been (re)reading books on “How to find the vocation you’ll want to build your life around.”  Last night, I figured out what was missing (for me) in these books.

I don’t want to build my life around a craft, or art, or profession.  I want to build my life around living my life.

Note:  I don’t think primarily in words, but in kinesthetic/tactile/visual diagrams of three, four, sometimes five dimensions.  (This is something I’ve realized only in the past few years.)  The above is the best I can do right now at translating the insight into words.

***To the food shelf at Minnehaha Methodist.  The bags they gave out to fill with “take what you want” items were smaller than the ones they’d been using; the standardized food packs were smaller than they had been.  Not surprising — food shelves in the Twin Cities haven’t been hit as hard as elsewhere, but economic problems must be taking their toll.
“Senior Citizens Line Up at Strip Club for Free Flu…”


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