I Once Was Lost….

Wednesday September 24, 2008  Minnehaha United Methodist Church food shelf.

In some ways, MUMC is very different from what Methodist churches were when I was growing up. For example, in the 1950s, Protestant churches didn’t announce they welcomed Guacamole Lettuce Bacon Tomato members.  (Back then, homosexuality was Scientifically Proven to be a mental disease.  And that was the socially liberal position.)

I waited in the gym for my turn to pick up food.  A couple of men were playing basketball while they waited.

My turn came.  Among the breads available was olive bread, which brought back memories.  I had first encountered it in London; I bought it thinking the olives were raisins….

I didn’t take that, but did take some loaves of designer bread.  Concentrated on ones which I thought might make interesting French toast.  (French name:  pain perdu, which translates as lost bread.  I once was lost, but now am toast….)
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