Wednesday September 17, 2008  I got my first haircut in over a year.

***On the way, I thought about “the art of government.”  Specifically, about why it’s almost always bad art.  (And bad craft.)  Part of it is that the decisions are too often not made by the people who have to live with them.

***The bus went down Cedar Avenue.  From there, I walked through a small park attached to affordable housing for Native Americans.  There was a drummer, plus about six singers.  The singing was in a language I didn’t know, and a style I wasn’t familiar with.

Aree’s Salon was on Bloomington Avenue. Aree is Thai; her surname is McFeeters.

I watch less TV than most blind people I know.  There was a TV set, tuned to Al Jazeera’s English-language channel.

I got a good haircut and beard trim, for less than I suspect barber schools are charging these days.


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