Monday September 15, 2008 SENA (Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association) Annual Meeting.  It was in the Lake Hiawatha Recreation Center, which gave me the opportunity to see more of a local park.  [Those familiar with the work of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow — author of “The Courtship of Miles Standish” and “The Song of Hiawatha” –may see a theme here.]

The meeting began with munchies donated by local businesses:  ice cream from Grande Ole Creamery, Caribou coffee, popcorn/caramel corn mix from Dave’s Popcorn.  The ice cream was very good.

Indoors for the meeting proper.  Talks on SENA’s past and future accomplishments.  Introduction of local elected local officials and representatives of ones who didn’t attend.

Four current board members were up for re-election, and three other people had been nominated before the meeting. One more person was nominated at the meeting, by acclamation.  All were elected by acclamation.  (They won’t be on the board forever; SENA has term limits.)

Four people (two from each neighborhood) were needed as NRP electors and alternates.  Four people volunteered; elected by acclamation.  (NRP = Neighborhood Revitalization Program.  It funds neighborhood organizations.)

Toward the end, the part I found most interesting:  talks by artists.  First Elise Kyllo, who’s in charge of getting murals painted along 38th Street.  (This is intended to discourage graffiti.  So far, it’s worked here.)  One of the murals adorns DreamHaven Books.

Then Craig Davis, who’s making a sculpture intended for acoustic as well as visual appreciation.  As he talked, he seemed much more alive than before.
A Twitter account:  “This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity.”
In the broader view of the social world that is dawning upon us the cook book that tells us how to live right and well will largely supplant Shakespeare, Browning, and the lurid literature of the day.  ERASMUS WILSON (The Quiet Observer)
King Kong proves that larger is better

Visit Canadian Health and Care Moll and you won’t regret!

Put Godzilla’s manhood to shame


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