Thursday September 11, 2008  9/11 day.

***In Rick Rubin’s “Final Muster,” soldiers who are only happy in combat are kept in coldsleep between missions.  Times between wakings have gotten longer and longer.  Then they’re woken one last time, told that the world is at peace.  They’re expected to be happy about this.

What other vocations might become obsolete?  There’s an obvious one for this scenario — militant pacifist.

Today, another occurred to me:  bureaucrats.  Bureaucracy is a form of artificial intelligence; a better form could take over.

***Dropped off library books at Roosevelt Library:  one of the Minneapolis libraries reopened after the takeover by Hennepin County libraries.  It’s only open three days a week.  Governments prefer to spend money on essential services — building new sports stadiums, the latest attempt to make central cities the economic centers they were before suburbia took off in the 1950s….

On to the food shelf at Minnehaha United Methodist Church, for the second time.

I got there late enough that it seemed unlikely any clients would arrive after me.  And they operate Tuesday through Thursday; they wouldn’t be open again for five days.  Which is probably why I got more stuff than I’d expected.

***Someone on LiveJournal mentioned 2008 election fanfic.  I’d known about celebrity fan fiction for a while, but hadn’t heard of political kinks.

A bit of googling turned up fan fiction about Ayn Rand; George Washington; and Margaret Thatcher.  So far, none which has them in a threeway.

****Thanks to
11 September 2008
Monument Valley, Arizona – it’s not Kentish Town
By Katie Davies

A KENTISH TOWN councillor is representing thousands of constituents while 5,500 miles away in Arizona – pocketing £700 a month in allowances.


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