Last Night I Saw the New Moon With the Old Moon in Her Arms

Wednesday September 3, 2008  Mail included flyers for several judicial primary candidates.  Oops — I hadn’t studied these people.

I looked them up online, decided on one.

***Downloaded Google Chrome browser to try it out.

Saw LiveJournal posts about Google’s agreement saying Google can use anything you say via their browser.  Deleted Google Chrome.

**Took the Hiawatha Line one stop to 46th St., and shopped at Walgreens.

As I came out, for the first time in a while I really looked at the sky.  Some of the clouds were a cheerful shade of pink, and there was a new Moon with the old moon in her arms.

Back home, saw on LiveJournal that Google had changed the offending Google Chrome legal wording.  Downloaded it again.

**Discussion in rec.arts.sf.composition on ways of recognizing people.

And it suddenly occurred to me that the simplest way for me to recognize people would be by their movements.

***Google News has several more local editions.  I’m fairly certain the Malaysia, Phillipines and Pakistan editions are new; not sure which others.


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