Tuesday 9/2/08

Mail: Oct/Nov issue, Fantasy & Science Fiction.  Free for my promise to review it on my blog.  Of the stories read so far, I recommend Michael Swanwick’s “The Scarecrow’s Boy.”

I walked to DreamHaven Books to buy a discount card.  It was rung up as a t-shirt, because it was tax-free.  I have enough experience with bureaucracy that this kludge made sense to me.  (Commercial software is designed on the assumption that all national governments are insufficiently bureaucratic.)

I also bought the Cordwainer Smith collection <i>We the Underpeople</i>.

Walked on down 38th Street to the Hiawatha Line.  (The name distinguishes it from the zero other Twin Cities LRT lines.)

At the Lake Street Station, Transit Police were checking to make sure passengers had paid their fares.  In the past, inspectors have looked at my Metrocard and decided I was okay.  This time, they had a portable card reader and were actually checking to see if I’d paid.

Got a few things at Aldi.  Some of what I needed hadn’t been restocked.  This happens every now and then at Aldi. (The other local supermarkets make more, and more varied, mistakes.)

I crossed Lake Street to the Midtown Farmers Market, used up my next to last Farmers market check.  And then home.


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