Public Release: 21-Aug-2008
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
Earthquakes may endanger New York more than thought, says study
A study by a group of prominent seismologists suggests that a pattern of subtle but active faults makes the risk of earthquakes to the New York City area substantially greater than formerly believed. Among other things, they say that the controversial Indian Point nuclear power plants, 24 miles north of the city, sit astride the previously unidentified intersection of two active seismic zones.

Public Release: 21-Aug-2008
Tel Aviv University’s eco-architecture could produce ‘grow your own’ homes
Stable building structures are now being constructed from living trees.

Public Release: 21-Aug-2008
Air-purifying church windows early nanotechnology
Stained glass windows that are painted with gold purify the air when they are lit up by sunlight, a team of Queensland University of Technology experts have discovered.

Public Release: 21-Aug-2008
Research shows pollsters how the undecided will vote
As the American Presidential election approaches, pollsters are scrambling to predict who will win. A study by a team of researchers at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and the University of Padova, Italy, may give pollsters a new way to determine how the undecided will vote, even before the voters know themselves. “Automatic Mental Associations Predict Future Choices of Undecided Decision Makers,” was published in the August 22 issue of the journal Science.

Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
Biochemists manipulate fruit flavor enzymes
Would you like a lemony watermelon? How about a strawberry-flavored banana? Biochemists at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston say the day may be coming when scientists will be able to fine tune enzymes responsible for flavors in fruits and vegetables. In addition, it could lead to environmentally friendly pest control.
Pew Charitable Trusts, Robert A. Welch Foundation, National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, INSERM


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