Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
Nature Physics
Fast quantum computer building block created
The fastest quantum computer bit that exploits the main advantage of the qubit over the conventional bit has been demonstrated by researchers at University of Michigan, US Naval Research Laboratory and the University of California at San Diego.

Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
Brain surgery is getting easier on patients
Dr. Edward Duckworth is part of a new generation of neurosurgeons who are making brain surgery a lot easier on patients. Rather than cutting out large sections of the skull or face, Duckworth is reaching the brain through much smaller openings. And in certain cases, he goes through the nose to get to the brain.

Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
Journal of Lipid Research
New research suggests diabetes transmitted from parents to children
A new study in the September issue of the Journal of Lipid Research suggests an unusual form of inheritance may have a role in the rising rate of diabetes, especially in children and young adults, in the United States.
Ministero Italiano dell’Istruzione e Ricerca scientifica, Italian Ministry of Education, others

Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
How to stop a new type of heart attack
As inconceivable as it might seem, the digital signals used to monitor and adjust implantable medical devices such as pacemakers, could be targeted by malicious hackers. A team of computer scientists in the US propose that IMD users wear a “cloaker” device that tells the IMD to ignore any unexpected instructions.

Public Release: 20-Aug-2008
79 million US adults have medical bill problems or are paying off medical debt
The proportion of working-age Americans who have medical bill problems or who are paying off medical debt climbed from 34 percent to 41 percent between 2005 and 2007, bringing the total to 72 million, according to recent survey findings from The Commonwealth Fund. In addition, 7 million adults age 65 and over also had problems paying medical bills, for a total of 79 million adults with medical bill problems or medical debt.
The Commonwealth Fund
Public Release: 20-Aug-2008

American Chemical Society 236th National Meeting
Synthetic moleculues could add spice to fight against cancer
Turning up the heat on the red tomato during processing has the potential to give the popular garden staple added disease-fighting power. Scientists have found that lycopene molecules in tomatoes that are combined with fat and subjected to intense heat during processing are restructured in a way that appears to ease their transport into the bloodstream and tissue. The tomato is the primary food source of lycopene, a naturally occurring pigment linked to the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases.
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, NIH/National Center of Research Resources, NIH/National Cancer Institute, US Department of Agriculture


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