Public Release: 15-Aug-2008
Nature Chemical Biology
Caltech engineers build mini drug-producing biofactories in yeast
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have developed a novel way to churn out large quantities of drugs, including antiplaque toothpaste additives, antibiotics, nicotine, and even morphine, using mini biofactories–in yeast.
Caltech, National Institutes of Health

Public Release: 15-Aug-2008
Management Science
Prediction markets strong at forecasting US presidential elections, says new management insights
A case study of the 2004 US Presidential election by researchers at Yale shows that prediction markets are proving to be a strong forecasting tool, one that may have an impact in calling the current presidential contest between Democrat Senator Barack Obama and Republican Senator John McCain, according to the Management Insights feature in the current issue of Management Science, the flagship journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Public Release: 14-Aug-2008
American Naturalist
Big-brained animals evolve faster
Ecologist Daniel Sol and evolutionary biologist Trevor Price analyzed body size measures of 7,209 species of birds and found that avian families that have experienced the greatest diversification in body size tend to be those with brains larger than expected for their body size.

Public Release: 14-Aug-2008
Journal of Experimental Biology
Nothing stops an expert in the art of living
Researchers discover an antistick layer in plant bugs which allows these insects to live on the surface of sticky insect traps.

Public Release: 14-Aug-2008
British Medical Journal
English health-care system failing to provide basic care, shows major survey
The NHS and private health care are not providing good enough basic care to a large portion of the population in England, especially older and frailer people, according to a study published online today. Overall, only 62 percent of the care recommended for older adults is actually received, conclude the authors.

Public Release: 14-Aug-2008
Journal of Consumer Research
Timing of political messages influences voter preferences, U of Minnesota researcher finds
In political campaigns, timing is almost everything. Candidates communicate with voters over a long period of time before voters actually vote. What candidates say to these voters is, of course, important, but it turns out that when they say it also influences voter preferences.

Public Release: 14-Aug-2008
Journal of American College of Surgeons
Teens underestimate risk, overestimate vehicle, highway safety in motor vehicle accidents
Most teens’ attitudes regarding trauma-related injuries, particularly those due to motor vehicle crashes, reflect an sense of invincibility and focus on fate rather than choice, according to new research published in the August issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.
“Study participants thought that because of their age and agility, they were better able to overcome the effects of poor driving conditions or intoxicants compared with more experienced drivers. Additionally, teens participating in the study believed strongly that medical care, particularly in young people, is virtually always effective.”


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