Saturday August 9, 2008  In older times, it would take me days to find out what had happened at the World Science Fiction Convention.  Tonight, led me to Cheryl Morgan’s Liveblogging of the Hugo and other awards.

I also tried Twitter, following Wim Lewis’s advice (on rec.arts.sf.*) and searching on “Hugo OR Worldcon.”  The results weren’t as good.

I checked a few minutes after ll PM CDT, and they had the Hugo results from two twitterati whose twittering was better than what I’d seen earlier:  Karen Burnham (spiralgalaxy) and John Joseph Adams (johnjosephadams.)  I bookmarked Karen Burnham’s review website, .

Other spec-fic news sites didn’t yet have the award results.

The Worldcon business meeting produced a bit of controversy over Hugo categories.  And I expect to see outraged comments about at least one Hugo winner.  I stopped taking such controversies seriously after “Best Nonfiction Book” was won by a collection of Charles Addams cartoons.  (That category is now called “Best Related Book.”)


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