Friday August 8, 2008  From theferrett’s LiveJournal

“Ferrett,” my [Clarion East] instructor asked, “Where do you write from?”

“Uh… My hands?”

“No, no – do you write from your head or the body?”

I’d never thought of it that way before. “I write from the head,” I said, tapping my temple. “I’m very in their minds, about what’s going through their thoughts at a given moment. In fact,” I mused as the thought sunk deeper and deeper into me, “I barely see what they see at all.”

“Write from the body,” my instructor suggested. “You wrote about a fifteen-year-old girl in this manuscript, but we didn’t feel that. It felt like <i>you</i>. But if you’d written it from the body of a teenaged girl, starving, high up on a girder as she’s waiting for a charity boat to come down the river with her food, you’re going to notice different things.”

Very good advice, with a few problems for me.

1) I live more in my head than in my body.  This is probably true also of many Clarion attendees, and others trying to write speculative fiction.

2) My focus sense is kinesthesia, with touch second.  I can remember what it felt like to move around in places where I’ve lived much better than what they looked like.  There’s not much common vocabulary for kinesthesia; instead, there are several sets of technical terms.

3) I’m a synesthete.

***Rainbow Foods had eggs at 99¢ a dozen.

Everything else was priced at “I remember when that was less than a dollar a pound” or “I remember when that was under fifty cents a pound.”
“the last contest which I felt personally was when simon de montfort lost at the hands of longshanks.”  Comment at


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