Thursday August 7, 2008  Uptown in Minneapolis, someone holding a sign:  “I need $ for cristal [sic] meth and a handgun.”

Adult Children Anonymous meeting:  Group Conscience.  Rather like any other formal meeting in the US — except that it ended on time.
I must down to the lab again, to the darkened lab and its hum,
And all I ask is a giant gun and a mountain to fire her from….
Finished <i>The Amber Spyglass</i> by Philip Pullman, in which the Kingdom of Heaven is overthrown and will be replaced by the Republic of Heaven.  It would have been greatly improved if an unsympathetic editor had trimmed it with a meatsaw.

There are too many alternate worlds.  Since I’m a crosstime opera fan, this is the equivalent of a military sf fan saying a novel has too many combat scenes.

The characters — Good Guys, Bad Guys, and bi-moral — are too preachy.

A matter of personal preference:  I found it disappointing that Heaven’s King is not the creator.  The Authority’s claim to be the creator is false.  In any case, he’s been dethroned by the Metatron.


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