Tuesday August 5, 2008  I dreamed about reading a Pamela Dean novel, one different from anything she’s written in the waking world.  It was about a civil war, with emphasis on political matters.

***Attention, Ayn Rand! From the gutenbergupdate LiveJournal feed:

The Ayrshire Legatees, or, the Pringle family by John Galt
Language: English

***Read “Citadel,” by Algis Budrys (Astounding Science Fiction February 1955; online at gutenberg.org.)  It’s about the workings of a libertarian (sort of) space empire, and Budrys managed to make this political system believable.  The story has no other virtues.

***National Night Out party on 41st St. East, between Longfellow and Cedar.  Sponsored by Ebenezer Lutheran Brethren Church, which shares its building with a Spanish-language Pentecostal church.  (The Lutheran Brethren version of Lutheranism has more in common with Pentecostal denominations than do most Lutheran groups.)

One of the games for children was a version of the shell game.  Three cups, one with a picture at the bottom.  The kids I saw playing all lost; but each got a small candy bar as a consolation prize.
This blog post:

Organ-supplying clones – an idea that just won’t die

Had this ad:

Minnesota Organ
Upgrade Your Church Organ To A New Allen Organ. Great Quality Sound.
Posted “If Only Al Gore Had Reached the White House” as a Dailykos diary:


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