Monday August 4, 2008  Depresssing news:  possible transit strike.  Since I travel by bus and light rail, it would affect me directly.  But anyone who drives in the Twin Cities would find the streets much more crowded.

***Temple Israel’s garage sale is held in a basement unsuitable for parking.  I suppose a motor scooter could be brought in through a window, but….

I applied this rule:  If this item is gone by bag sale day, will I strongly regret not having bought it now?  Nothing passed that test.

On my way home, I stopped at Aldi.  I noted that eggs were down to $1.15 a dozen.

***In the 1960s, I read a zine intended for Science Fiction Writers — no mere fans allowed.  I was amused by the discussions of typewriter technical details.  How could they be so important?

Today, I tentatively switched to another text editor.  I can type faster in AkelPad than in Metapad.  (It’s been explained to me that this is impossible; typing speed in all programs is the same.  I file such explanations with “Why this market will never go down” and “Why the X Party will never lose another Presidential election.”)

I could go on for a while about why I prefer text editors to word processors, and freeware programs in general to payware and shareware ones.

***Transit union members voted to accept management’s offer.  No strike.


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