“The mission of this webzine is to increase diversity in the field of speculative fiction, both in the authors who contribute and in the perspectives presented. We plan to feature both speculative fiction stories and artwork, as well as essays about speculative fiction and fandom from diverse points of view. Any piece which furthers this mission will be considered for publication….

“Our specific objectives include (but are not limited to):

*Increasing the number of people of color in speculative fiction”

Like many people from Eastern Europe, I have Asian ancestry (undocumented.)  But I don’t look it.  I can tan darker than most Afro-Americans, but that doesn’t count.

“*Increasing the number of women in speculative fiction”

Leaves me out.  Note:  This is not a complaint.

“*Increasing the number of gay, lesbian, bisexual and asexual people in speculative fiction”

Probably leaves me out.

“*Increasing the number of transgender, transsexual, intersex and genderqueer/fluid people in speculative fiction”

I’ve sometimes thought of myself as belonging to a gender which doesn’t exist in our universe.  But not often enough for that to count, probably.

“*Increasing the number of people with disabilities in speculative fiction”

Marginal.  Speech problems, and can’t sing worth a tinker’s dam.  Movements off about as much as those of someone who’s had one or two beers.  Deaf in one ear since birth.  But I would consider dyslexia rather more limiting for a writer — and there are several dyslexic pro spec-fic writers.

“*Publishing essays and reflections on fandom which challenge the established biases of the field of speculative fiction”

I suspect they don’t mean by fandom what I mean by fandom.

“*Challenging all forms of stereotypes and cliches in speculative fiction”

Well, I can try.

“*Creating a venue so that those whose points of view tend to be represented unrealistically or negatively in most speculative fiction may speak out in their own voice

*Humanizing the ‘other’ by telling the story from a non-traditional point of view and/or reversing who is the insider and who is the outsider in speculative fiction

“We are expressly welcoming of submissions from esoteric minorities, including Otherkin in the broadest and most inclusive definition of the term, as well as people with rare sensitivities and awarenesses.”

I’ll have to ask if that includes synesthesia.



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