Tuesday July 22, 2008  Rabbi Mark Sameth contends in a soon-to-be-published article that the four-letter Hebrew name for God – held by Jewish tradition to be unpronounceable since the year 70 – should actually be read in reverse. When the four letters are flipped, he says, the new name makes the sounds of the Hebrew words for “he” and “she.”
Via LiveJournaller supergee, who got it from zarq.
Surplus food distribution at Macedonia Baptist Church.  The information said to line up at 4 PM, and not before.  That statement was inoperative; by then the line stretched south down the block, then west halfway down the next block.  There wasn’t much left by the time I got to the front of the line.

According to newsweb reports Wednesday, people had started lining up around 1 PM.

***Walked over to the Salvation Army store on Nicollet Avenue.  Looked at Babel-17, by Samuel R. Delany — a book I used to love.  No longer.  I think the prose style was trying too hard.


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  1. irreverently Says:

    Maybe the prose in Babel-17 was trying too hard. Delany was young, after all. What do you think of his later novels?

  2. irreverently Says:

    Also, am curious as to how Rabbi Mark Sameth’s claim will play out. Interesting!

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