Monday July 14, 2008  Signing at Once Upon a Crime, Minneapolis:

The Atlantis Prophecy
Thomas Greanias
(Pocket Books, $6.99)
Wednesday, July 16, 7:00

In his second Pocket Books Original Paperback, a sequel to Atlantis Rising, best-selling author Thomas Greanias gives us another page-turning and fantastic story, centered on a global conspiracy involving ancient prophecies, historic monuments, astral alignments, Freemason manuscripts, and the Roman Catholic Church.

Archaeologist Conrad Yeats visits his adoptive father’s gravesite only to discover what appear to be clues left by his father expressly for him. Accompanied once again by the Vatican linguist Sister Serena Serghetti, Conrad discovers that the major monuments in Washington D.C. were astronomically aligned to “lock-in” (with disastrous consequences) on a date foreseen by the Founding Fathers – most of whom were Freemasons. For Conrad and the Sister, the future is now, and they’re in a race against time and against those who are hell-bent to stop them. Suspend all disbelief and enjoy. Great fun.
Country, the City Version: Farms in the Sky Gain New Interest
Published: July 15, 2008

What if “eating local” in Shanghai or New York meant getting your fresh produce from five blocks away? And what if skyscrapers grew off the grid, as verdant, self-sustaining towers where city slickers cultivated their own food?


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