The Spy Who Loved Cat Dancing

Friday July 11, 2008  Bought fluorescent bulbs at the Lake Street Aldi, in hopes of reducing the electric bill.

Then south on the Hiawatha line to the Walgreens near the 46th St. station.  It’s now the Walgreens within easiest reach.

I really ought to have bought sunscreen a while back.

***USA Today had a piece on upscale food trucks.  Turns out that in Seattle, poutine is an upscale dish.  (That’s the Canadian dish with cheese curds, French fries, and gravy.)
From the New York Times:

Over the years, Mr. Harding’s cooking has changed too, getting relentlessly simpler and simpler.

“It’s a lot of fun when you’re by yourself and you have all these frilly bits and complications,” he said. “But if the kid cooking for you has just graduated from cooking school and is a little shaky, you want to keep it simple.”

For example, his Gowanus Yacht Club chili recipe is canned chili, orange soda and spices, thickened with crumbled Doritos.
One bit of writing advice which I haven’t seen anywhere before:

22. Your writing style will actually change over the course of a single day, not just over the course of your lifetime. I write very crisp, sharp prose in the morning, and very purple, rambling prose at midnight. My sentences start turning into spaghetti around ten o’clock at night. A finished work is going to need to stick to one of these styles of prose, and I need to be aware of that when I’m editing, because otherwise, the transition can be so organic that it isn’t visible until someone else gets a look and starts screaming at me for blinding them with adjectives.


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