Monday June 23, 2008  In the Christian Science Monitor: The search for paradise races on
My frayed-at-the-edges town has turned yuppie.,2h9w,er,6076,ffof,22tk,8a18

The town is New Paltz, New York, in the same county where I grew up.

I don’t think yuppification should have been a surprise.  New Paltz is a college town, relatively close to New York City.  (That is, within what a real estate agent would say is commuting distance.)

***Made appointments for a couple of medical tests, after several months of procrastination.
From a comment I made at

What I would like to see [in urban fantasy]: 1) More nonhumans taken from myth and legend, rather than from previous fiction,visual fantasy, and RPG manuals. 2) If the supernatural creatures are in and of this world: no more vampire and werewolf governments! 3) If they’re from another world, don’t have them stuck in the Middle Ages. Make Elfland as politically, technologically, etc. advanced as our world.
On soc.genealogy.jewish, someone gave a link to the German white pages:

A high percentage of the Gutmans listed have first names which look Russian.  This is not the case for Gutmanns.

Predictably, most of the Goodmans listed have English-looking first names.  Among the businesses:  Pizza Goodman’s.


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