Thursday June 19, 2008  When I woke, my upper back had loosened up — more than I remember it ever being.

So THAT’S what my energy was going into these past few days.

***Caught a bit of Linden Hills Live — the Linden Hills neighborhood festival.  There were people with instruments.  I hope they were only tuning up, because the sounds they produced weren’t quite music.

ACA (Adult Children Anonymous) meeting.

***My first mosquito bite of the year.  Followed by a few more.
I dreamed–brief and vividly–of driving in a van full of people, most of whom I didn’t know. I was looking for a painting, which was titled “Two Ninjas Negotiating With An Earth Elemental To Buy Gravity.”
Storm has developed unconventional ways for Media Storm to make money — including putting some of the multimedia stories they produce into an eBay-style marketplace where news organizations bid on the rights to run the content on their sites.


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