Wednesday June 18, 2008  I enjoy supermarket shopping.  And today, I enjoyed it more than usual.  At Cub (the one near the Lake Street LRT station), I found out where their cheapo-cheap shelves are now.  Much of it made by Forelli, which seems to be a Turkish company.

Green tea — 100 teabags for a dollar. One cent more than the lowest-priced tea on the tea shelves.

Cub has more and more Hispanic food which isn’t segregated in the ethnic section.  Some of it is Hispanic only because it’s made by Mexican companies (usually in Texas) and has Spanish on the labels.  The prices used to be at least a bit higher; but today I saw Hispanic chicken franks on sale.

How do Hispanic chicken franks differ from Anglo chicken franks?  I have no idea.

Then I went to Rainbow.  Their cheapest tea was $1.09 for 100 teabags.  But their prices for poultry are lower.


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