Wednesday June 11, 2008 Dream:  Before the telegraph, railroads sent messages via hydraulic tunnels.  Unfortunately, I woke up before the full explanation of what the variations in flow (?) were which made up the messages.

Later:  Google gives a number of hits for “hydraulic telegraph,” but the sites I’ve looked at are about something operating on other principles.

There are references to a Victorian project, not completed, whose (prospective) workings I haven’t found information on.

***Off with my granny cart to Waite House, where I picked up this month’s commodities.

Found out that next month, there will also be $20 worth of farmers’ market coupons.

There was also a produce distribution.  Large quantities of sweet onions and plums; nothing else.
I pray thee, Sir Reckoner,
Tally these [fruit] of mine.
Rosy-fingered Dawn has arrived
To escort me to my home.
Ireland’s EU treaty No campaigners have recruited the country’s most famous turkey to help secure crucial votes in Thursday’s referendum.

Dustin the Turkey crashed out of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest at the semi-final stage.

Now he appears on posters with the slogan: “They didn’t vote for us. Get them back. Vote No to Lisbon.”

The glove puppet’s song Irelande Douze Pointe received too few points from Europeans in the Belgrade contest.


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