Saturday May 24, 2008 I’m amused when people younger than me complain about The Younger Generation.  People ranging from the Boomers to University of Minnesota undergrads (who lament that today’s high-schoolers don’t appreciate the Great Old Music) have kindly provided this amusement.

I’m not sure how serious this is:
Generation Slap
They’re naive, self-important, and perpetually plugged in. This is a call to arms against Millennials… the time has come for Generation X to unite. We need to call bull* on these naive, self-important crybabies trying to rob us of what is rightly our own.
Thanks to

***Took the Hiawatha Line to Lake And Hiawatha.  First to Aldi, which is cheapest of the three supermarkets there.  However, one way Aldi keeps prices down is by limiting its selection.  They didn’t have drain cleaner, which was one of the two non-food items I needed.

One thing Aldi isn’t cheapest on is tea.  Cub has tea for fifty cents less per hundred teabags.  The bags don’t have strings and tags, but I can do without those.  I also bought the cheapest drain cleaner they had, and a book of stamps.

Someone at Cub had accidentally put out next week’s newspaper insert, rather than this week’s ads.  I wish stores would do this on purpose.

On to Rainbow, where I didn’t buy anything.  (Turned out they had drain cleaner for a third of Cub’s price.  Mild regret.)


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