Thursday May 22, 2008.  Bureaucracy is the most advanced form of artificial intelligence, and is likely to hold that honor for some time.  This is not good news.

HealthPartners had sent me a bill on the assumption that — since I hadn’t sent in paperwork stating I wasn’t signed up for Medicare Part B — either Medicare would pay most of the cost of an allergist office visit, or I would pay it.  (Rather than HealthPartners paying that part, as has been the case.)  My phone call in which I’d said that 1) I was not yet signed up for Medicare Part A and 2) wasn’t planning to sign up for Part B apparently hadn’t gotten noticed.

The two people I talked to on the phone sounded competent, and the problem is probably solved.  (Though it will take a few weeks for the correction to show up in the system.)

***To Metro Transit, to replace my lost Go-To Card.  (I think Go-To Cards are similar to London’s Oyster Cards.) Someone had used the card a bit, but most of the money I’d put on it was still available.

From there to the Dunn Brothers coffeehouse in Linden Hills.  I read the Spring issue of Rain Taxi.  Most of the content was lit-crit on the borderline of self-parody; but it had an article on pulp hero The Spider, particularly the issues/books by Norvell W. Page.  The Spider seems to have been, at its best, raving self-parody.

Talked a bit with ACA members who were there to play Scrabble before the meeting.

***ACA meeting.

***On the bus(es) home, continued the self-parody reading theme.  Edge Magazine (a Twin Cities New Age magazine) had a fair amount about Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, etc.  Including explanation of why autistic children and ADD/ADHD children are X-Men-like superior mutants.


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