Monday 4/28/08

Monday April 28, 2008  Got over whatever I’d been sick with.  Went out to buy eggs.

Finished critiques and comments for Link (somewhat late) and emailed them.

***On the Project-Wombat list, someone was trying to track down Addison Whithecomb, cited by several web pages as originator of the quotation “When you resort to attacking the messenger and not the  message, you have lost the debate.”

I suspected Mr. Whithecomb was nonexistent.  I did some googling.  Found the Isle of Man gay & lesbian pages, among other things; but no trace of Addison Whithecomb except as originator of the quotation.

***After looking up the dates of Vatican III, googled on Vatican III.  If the pattern so far holds up, that should be held late this century.  (Then again — if Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and US Thanksgiving in November, there should be Mexican Thanksgiving in December.)  I found several lists of items Vatican III would most likely discuss.  And an explanation of why it wouldn’t be needed.  And this joke:
“Did you hear about Vatican III? The bishops are bringing their wives.”
“Did you hear about Vatican IV? The bishops are bringing their husbands.”


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