Sunday April 20, 2008  To Lunds for the spec-fic-writing Meetup.

Lunds is an upscale supermarket chain.  It has more food samples than downmarket chains do.  Today they included organic strawberries.

Program this month:  Members reading their work.  My contribution was a how-to article on writing historical fiction set in the 20th, 21st, and 22nd centuries.  (Read for me by Hilary Moon Murphy; I don’t have a good speaking voice.)

I got good suggestions.  Decided that it would be simpler to use the idea in a story than to make needed revisions.

***Went to the Wedge Coop, then the Aldi on Lake Street.

Took the Hiawatha Line (light rail) home.  The trains would be wind-powered on Earth Day, the electric signs said.  I wondered what kinds of sails might be used.  Reluctantly decided the reality would be less interesting.

Confirmed at  “Ride a wind-powered light-rail train in conjunction with Earth Day. Metro Transit is buying enough wind power through Xcel Energy’s Windsource® program to power the Hiawatha Line.”

I still want to see them using sails.


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