Wednesday April 9, 2008  Twitter is for people who find blogging too slow.  It’s not ideal; for one thing, entries are limited to a certain number of characters.  (There are ways around this.)  But people are using it for non-obvious purposes, such as telling when plants need watering and then watering them.  (

Thoughts on what might be done with a sufficiently advanced future equivalent:  Track celebrities and political candidates.  Hook the candidate up to medical sensors, so their health can be checked moment to moment — and the side-effects of anger.  Some candidates might opt for lie detector hook-ups.  Some celebrities might want the world to know when they’re sexually aroused.

Beyond that?  Direct brain feeds.  Not full brain-to-brain feeds, unless the recipient wants to commit suicide.  But “voice” and text feeds, to start with.  Then non-verbal transmissions:  This is what my kind of synesthesia looks/sounds/tastes/feels like.  This is a hypercube being eaten by a hyperbear.

***Minnesota has a commodities food program for people over 60 who are “income eligible.”  My fixed income is a bit too high for me to get food stamps, but low enough to remind me that “fixed” sometimes means “neutered.”  I meet the guidelines for the NAPS program.

To Waite House for my first time.  Most of the people seemed to be there for the mothers and children commodities program.

The paperwork was easy.

Next month, I get the card.

Mostly canned or dried, mostly things I could use.  Nice to have food in reserve for when the Zucchini Famine destroys civilization.

Gave away cold cereal, which I could use but wouldn’t.

Later:  Phone call, from someone who asked to speak to Daniel’s mother or father.

It was established that I was a senior rather than a child; and that I had remembered to pick up my food.


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