Monday December 31, 2007 New Year’s Eve I knew this Presidential campaign would have strange moments:

I am a werewolf and I support John Edwards

***Mnstf New Year’s Eve party at Sharon Kahn (dreamshark on LiveJournal) and Richard Tatge’s. Good food, good company.

One attendee had brought her One Laptop Per Child laptop. (Presumably from the “buy one for yourself and one for a third-world child” offer.) It looked practical/usable. However, the keyboard was way too small for my hands.

Noticed on a bookshelf: novel by Sharon Kahn. Not this Sharon Kahn.

***Eric Heideman gave me a flyer for Diversicon. Instead of being out in Bloomington, the 2008 Diversicon was to be in Minneapolis — in an area which I could commute to easily. The odds of my attending went up considerably.
Occasionally I hear people say ‘Next year has to be better!” No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to be worse, either. It’s just another 12 months to do things in. Go, do.


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