601 Years Short of Beasthood

Wednesday February 20, 2008  My 65th birthday.

The temperatures outdoors being what they were, I didn’t go out and do things.

***Charles Stross’s <i>Halting State</i> is concerned with a near-future bank robbery in an online gameworld.  About the same time that novel reached print, something similar happened in real life (real unreal life?)

A few days ago, the St. Paul daily paper had an story about an online robbery.  It seems to have gotten onto the front page only because it was local news — and the Minneapolis paper didn’t bother to pick it up.

I’ve firmed up a decision I’d been heading toward for a while:  Forget about keeping my fictional futures plausible.  If a story calls for something as improbable as Russia seceding from the Soviet Union, California having two female Jewish Senators, or Canada legalizing same-sex marriage, I’ll put it in.

***On the Usenet group soc.history.what-if, for a while someone was reviewing an alternate world’s version of The West Wing.  He made snarky comments about the absurd episode plots.  All of these ridiculous plots were, of course, recent happenings in our world.

I don’t know the name of that world’s current tv show about a US Presidential election.  Nor do I know what drugs its writers are on.

“John McCain’s campaign lashed out Wednesday at a new report in The New York Times alluding to the Republican presidential candidate’s relationship with a female lobbyist….

“Officials argued The New York Times, buffeted by reporter scandals in recent years, is covering itself, publishing a deliberate smear under pressure from [The New Republic] and because of sensitivity to its reputation caused by reporter Judith Miller, who investigated Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program and was a key player in the subsequent CIA leak investigation involving Valerie Plame.”

“Believe nothing until it has been officially denied.”   Claud Cockburn.


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