Wednesday January 2, 2008  “Have you ever read watched hentai or read porn and wondered what the people in those stories do normaly then here is the place to find out!

“This community is designed to create works based off of porn, hentai, yoai, and yuri that have no sex in them, but are gen.”
Mail: catalog from a bookstore in Berkeley, including:  Tom Reynolds, <i>I Hate Myself and Want to Die:  The 52 Most Depressing Songs You’ve Ever Heard</i>.

“52 most depressing”

Took the 23 bus on 38th St. to Nicollet Avenue.  Went down Nicollet to Truong Than Market, between 28th St. and 29th St.  Bought Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce.

They had two kinds of joss paper money.  There were the usual Bank of Hell banknotes, of course.  The other looked like US currency, except for little differences and the caution that it should be used only as directed — err, only as joss paper.  As I understand it, representations of money and other material goods are burned to transmit these goods to deceased relatives.  (I’m told that in Hong Kong, there are also credit cards.)

[joss  “Chinese figure of a deity,” 1711, from Chinese Pidgin Eng., from Javanese <i>dejos</i>, from Port. <i>deus</k> “god,” from L. <i>deus</i> (see <i>Zeus</i>). Colloquially, it came to mean “luck.”…. ]

On to Franklin Avenue.  2 bus to HealthPartners Riverside, where I picked up meds.

The pharmacy had signs in English, Spanish, and what I’m fairly sure was Somali.  Not sure if they were new, or I hadn’t noticed them before.

Took the 2 back to Franklin and Lyndale. Bought a few things at the Wedge (my organically correct food coop).

#4 on Lyndale to Lake Street; then the 21 to Aldi on Lake, where I bought more groceries.  (Not including a couple of things I’ll have to go back for soon.)  Hiawatha Line to 38th St.; 23 home from there.
A LiveJournal meme which is going around again:  -“Leave a comment here, and I’ll ask you about 7 of your interests.”-

thistleingrey asked about these:

alternative currency — The kinds I know about are local currency (LETS, Ithaca Dollars, etc.); the Time Dollars used in some nonprofit barter systems; and Josiah Warren’s Time Dollars (not the same as the current time dollars.)

dialects:  My native dialect is Hudson Valley; spoken north of the NYC area.  I’ve spent most of my life elsewhere, and have had to deal with other dialects.  For example, Minnesotans pronounce “Don” and “Dawn” the same way.  I had to learn that to get the kind of tea I usually want, I needed to ask for black tea rather than regular tea.  I also have a less practical interest in dialects, as part of my interest in language.

fmwriters: is a website for writers, originally set up by Holly Lisle.  It has a good deal of information, various online writing groups, and a number of forums.

hudson valley:  Area where I grew up.  Not quite along the Hudson River, actually; in Ulster County, a bit inland.  For canal buffs:  On the route of the Delaware and Hudson Canal.  For climbers:  the Gunks.

muggletonians:  A religious group in England, with strange ideas.  (By “strange” I mean “compared to Swedenborg or William Blake.”)  I’ve been told they’re the source of the idea that Jesus was the only man to be exactly six feet tall.

thinking styles:  Some people think mostly visually.  This seems to include the people who write books on improving memory; associating people’s names with mental pictures only works well for visual thinkers.  There are also auditory thinkers, kinesthetic/tactile thinkers, and abstract thinkers.

My thinking is mostly kinesthetic/tactile.  Synesthesia adds a few twists here.

mutual necrophilia:  I added this when LiveJournal management was going through one of its moralistic phases.  It’s a joke.


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