Sunday December 23, 2007

The Queen of England is now on YouTube:

She doesn’t speak The Queen’s English.  More precisely, she doesn’t speak in the most prestigious form of British English.

***Message I posted on the Twin Cities Speculative Fiction Writers Network message board (

I’d put this on the calendar for April 1st:

Alternate History Discussion: “If Ronald Reagan Had Become a Republican.” Community room, Red Owl Supermarket, 2943 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis. 3 PM.

And someone commented:  “Sorry to nitpick, but wouldn’t alternate history be “If Ronald Reagan Had Become a Democrat or something else besides Republican?”

Not exactly; this is a discussion to take place in an alternate world, talking about an alternate-to-them world which might be ours.  A world in which Reagan remained in the Democratic Party.

It’s at an address which doesn’t exist in our world; that stretch of Nicollet Avenue was replaced with a K-Mart.  And the Red Owl chain went out of business some time back.

In the Usenet group soc.history.what-if, this kind of thing is called DBWI (for Double Blind What-If).  One poster there has done reviews of “The West Wing,” with snarky comments on the improbable plots — which are taken from our world’s current events.

***From the Drudge Report:  “Mike Huckabee Another Bill Clinton?…”  Hmm; in a Little Rock lab, someone is cloning politicians….
LiveJournal comment by superversive (

This I will say: If a university announces that one of its primary purposes is teaching, and it doesn’t regard teaching undergraduates as part of that purpose, all the undergraduates who pay tuition there are getting massively ripped off. I can smell the class-action lawsuits from here; they must be almost ripe by now.

[From the Law Librarian Blog:
December 21, 2007
Suing Your Law School Alma Mater

[Interesting article from the National Law Journal: “Unhappy with their exam grades, readmission policies and even administrators’ conduct, a number of law students have sued their law schools in recent months. Because of increasing costs of law schools, some students may be more likely to challenge issues that get in the way of their degree, said David Van Zandt, dean of Northwestern University School of Law and president of the American Law Deans Association.”  (sub. req.) (Westlaw) [RJ]]


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