Wednesday December 19, 2007 “In a stable society, composing a life is somewhat like throwing a pot or building a house in a traditional form: the materials are known, the hands move skillfully in tasks familiar from thousands of performances, the first of the completed whole in the common life is understood. Traditional styles of
potttery or building are not usually rigid; they respond to chance and allow a certain scope for individual
talent and innovation. But the traditional craftsperson does not face the task of solving every problem for the
first time…”
Mary Catherine Bateson, <i>Composing a Life</i>. Plume (Penguin Group), 1990. pp 1-2.
From the poor_skills LiveJournal community: “Has anyone heard any news reports claiming food prices are on the
rise? I’ve seen a few, but nothing substantial.”

Anyone in the US who buys groceries shouldn’t need news reports to let them know food prices are going up.

****Ursula Vernon’s latest project will be of interest to all hamsters: “It is with some personal pleasure and
somewhat more dismay that I announce the coming of a new project…the Illustrated Hama Sutra…While the
manuscript will likely be illustrated in black and white, we have obtained a preliminary painting from the work,
and post it here for your viewing pleasure…”
Not worksafe
Zimbamwe: “The 200,000 dollar bill, which Mr Gono said was being widely used on the black market, is worth about $6.66.”


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